Looking Back to the Fall Garden


In mid-November the garden was still going strong. Thanks to microclimates this pepper plant (photographed earlier) survived light frosts against a south facing wall.











Zucchini continued fruiting! I bent leaves around to hide the fruit from frost and hungry raccoons.




There were fig trees galore, and a delicious fruit that grew indoors! While I’m fascinated by the relationship between wasps and figs, it seems that self pollinating figs are doin‘ it for themselves. It‘s another great option for balcony and indoor farmers.






These annual garden notes are scrawled on a rough diagram from spring.  Next year I may give the backyard cabbage family a break to recover from a pest that swept through the volunteer kale and kept going.






Rosemary looks more like a tree than a plant now.  Though I resist moving it to a bigger pot. Some radical pruning may be in Rosie’s future. Anyone know a recipe that uses massive amounts of rosemary?

2 thoughts on “Looking Back to the Fall Garden

  1. Maybe not massive amounts of rosemary but, I love to mix fresh rosemary, minced garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil and smear it on roast pork, pork loin, roast beef etc as a lovely rub.

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