It‘s Been Interesting!

This year‘s garden will be remembered for its spectacular failures and surprising sucesses.

Raccoons, drawn to my straw experiments, tore up the raised beds nightly, searching for grubs and uprooting seedlings. Sadly, no carrots came up!


One of the few survivors was arugula, pictured here with the swiss chard plants that I added later.


A mysterious vine grew prolifically where I had planted seeds from a farmers market zuccini. Suddenly a huge fruit appeared. It tasted like cucumber so, into all my arugula chard salads it went.


In the front yard garden, there was more sun, less raccoons. Flowers and veggies thrived together


The most exciting plants in the front garden were eggplants that actually looked like eggs!

Never a dull moment! Thankfully we have many farmers markets here to fill in the gaps. This week I enjoyed delicious carrots from Willo’Wind Farm.

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