Images of Spring

Here’s what your local LLWG has been up to so far this season.

In late winter, the windowsill garden waits. Tomato seedlings; recently awoken fig; garlic and onion sprouts, all stretch toward the sun and the grow lights.






A survivor! This Red Russian Kale endured the harsh winter under a pile of leaves and shredded paper. It’s growing by leaps and bounds, and will provide seeds for next year’s crop.






IMG627Pea sprouts persevere and work their way up through the straw.  They always take a little longer than expected, and just when I’m despairing–they pop up!








IMG643Tender baby arugula for salad. The seeds were old so I sowed thickly, and they all came up!







IMG632Rows of hay and boards at my community garden plot. These no-dig methods have engaged the curiosity of many passers-by. If all goes well, the garden will grow into its beauty as lush carrot tops, leeks, marigolds and kale fill the spaces. Will the seeds in the hay take over and choke out everything else? Will hundreds of snails hide under the boards and munch my garden to bits at night? Stay tuned!

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