Approaching the Fig

IMG518It looks smooth and perfect but you know you want to break through the soft purple skin. The first bite fills your mouth with sweet juices. You turn the fig in your hands and it looks like a wet kiss, its full lips glistening. You want more.

IMG516One of my favorite moments in the harvest season is the first sensuous bite into the first ripe fig. It tastes nothing like the dried figs at the grocery store. Dwarf fig trees are surprisingly easy to grow and they’ve passed my un-killability tests several times. Mine live outside in summer; inside in spring and fall; and wrapped up in the porch in winter. This is a good time of year to get trees or cuttings from someone who is pruning back for hibernation. I’ve seen them offered on kijiji and Freecycle. I hibernate mine with a thermometer hanging nearby, and if the temperature is likely to drop below -7, I bring it in for the night .Here’s more information on growing figs, from a guy in Toronto.

Figgy in a blanket!

Figgy in a blanket!


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